[Apr 12, 2009] VizUp 3.3.7 has been released.
[Sep 7, 2005] Next-gen tool has been released: VizUp 2
[Oct 4, 2004] In version 1.7 you can selectively reduce different parts of your model.


VizUp is a software company specializing in developing polygon reduction algorithms and visualization of CAD/CAM/CAE. The headquarters and marketing department are located in Canada.

The company produces VizUp, a polygon reducer, which optimizes 3D models with polygon reduction method, the models processed by the software contain significantly less polygons and have smaller size, than the original models; therefore, these processed models are better suited for real-time visualization systems. The polygon optimizer can be used for automatic LODs generation.

The technology of polygon reduction has been in development starting with the late 1980s. Initially it was intended for automatic generation of Finite Elements Method (FEM) meshes and industrial modeling use. Our company also is involved in creating custom tailored 3D and CAD polygon reduction and visualization software. One of our main strategic goals is to further improve the polygon reduction technology for to elevate the quality level of automatic processing to that of human designer. The future versions of our polygon reducer will be specially created for designers working in the entertainment industry, computer and video game developing, movie producing and special effects creation.

VizUp, Inc.
550 Burrard Street, Suite 215 Vancouver BC V6C 2B5 Canada
Phone/fax: 604-339-9217
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