[Apr 12, 2009] VizUp 3.3.7 has been released.
[Sep 7, 2005] Next-gen tool has been released: VizUp 2
[Oct 4, 2004] In version 1.7 you can selectively reduce different parts of your model.


You have the best 3D decimation out there by far for the price and I have tried high and low end software from all over the world.
Jeff Williams, Raytheon Professional Services

VizUp is a great polygon reducer and a terrific bargain. The single model mode, using a very clever and original interface, allows us to instantly see the effects of any compression level and choose the one that meets our need.
Jeff Ostrander, DataWise Software

I've tried out several commercial polygon reduction tools in the past, and this is easily as good or better than them. It's extremely simple to use and the polygon reduction is great. Very useful for simplifying models made with nurbs or metaballs. It reduced a high-poly vrml model from 617kb to 115kb with practically no difference in appearance.
I had to check the wireframe view to be sure of what I was seeing lol.
Stuart Williams, Virtuality

I found using VizUp very easy and very intuitive. Good visual feedback of how far you can push the polygon reduction, and a sophisticated algorithm combine to make polygon reduction a breeze. It will be even better when you can 'selectively' reduce different parts of your model. Highly recommended.
James Holmes, Madhouse Media

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